The Lindell Plan to Secure Our Elections is a multi-faceted plan with powerful strategies!


Legal: We are funding a number of key lawsuits around the country to expose the problems and vulnerabilities in our election system, giving needed justification and support for voter integrity legislation like those that have passed in Georgia.


Media: FrankSpeech and FrankSocial continue to churn out daily content, in partnership with hundreds of content providers, to keep you updated and informed on election issues.


Cause of America: The role of Cause of America (COA) is to enable, facilitate and support citizen grassroots action to restore trust in local elections. It’s about building a network of individuals, organizations, and partners who can learn from each other and work together to solve the most pressing issue facing our nation: “free and fair elections.”

Election Crime Bureau: This is the central hub to bring information from COA and FrankSocial into one place, so that it can be investigated by our cybercrime and experts and then shared out to the Media. 

County-by-County Training & Volunteer Support: We are working with over 300,000 election volunteers across the country so that we have a robust and unstoppable presence at every polling station on election day. We are equipping them with tools—like the WMD wireless monitoring devices to detect if voting machines are connected to the Internet—as well as procedures on how to protect election integrity. 


You probably know by now that WE ARE IN A BATTLE FOR THE FATE OF OUR NATION, and in war one must always adapt to changing circumstances. We have to be constantly watching the opposition and responding to their tactics, which is why we continually update our plan with new strategies.

The Plan: Brief Overview

The Plan: Donor Brief


The Plan: Detailed Whitepaper