Thank you for your support and excitement to celebrate our great friend and patriot, Mike Lindell. He feels the love and knows how much you care. We have decided it’s not the right time for a party. It’s go-time with the elections and we have to be working.

Our goal at the Lindell Offense Fund is to fight for the security of our election platforms. We have been planning and preparing for the most important election of our generation. November is almost here, and our team has decided we cannot celebrate right now as every resource we have needs to be delegated to our mission to secure our election platforms. 

Our “I Like Mike” campaign will continue all month long virtually—we are so grateful for the support and contributions that are being utilized for our mission. We simply do not feel right using our resources to celebrate when there are so many needs and great patriots fighting in their local communities. 

We look forward to November when we can truly celebrate the victory of saving our country!